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NUWORK helps staffing companies and employers in the Retail, Hotel, Restaurant, Café industries fill entry-level job positions with motivated candidates quickly, easily, and without manual work
With us you reach 3X more closed vacancies in the same time. Recruiters spend only 10 min and can focus more on what’s important – interviews and the final hiring decisions. 
You get:(a) Convenient application process targeted at entry-level job applicants(b) Basic first-round screening that is automated using NUWORK’s virtual recruiter cuts out up to 70% of a recruiter’s screening time.

  • Measure it = Manage it

    Analytics will let you make rational decisions instead of guessing.

  • Do more in less time

    Carry out pre-screening 24/7.
    Make more time for work requiring full attention.

  • Target personalities not audience

    During communication, you build more humane communication.

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Career site with geolocation

Career sites are already attracting new candidates. Thanks to HR branding, the perception of the company may positively improve throughout potential employees.
We match people with jobs.
Geolocation targeting lets candidates visually understand where they may work and how convenient is the trip to that place.

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Interviews 24/7

Automation of pre-interviews includes interviews done by a Virtual Assistant. 9 to 5, Monday to Friday - is not an issue any more.
You won't miss a single candidate even at late night.
The recruiter only decides who to invite to the final interview, having all background information provided by the Assistant.
Now 70% of their time recruiters can spend on more important tasks. 

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Career landing page

A nicely done career page is surely a part of communication with you future employees.
You can tell them about yourself as an employer, about the team and about the philosophy in your company.
Let people discover you.

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We will show you unbiased analytics of online and offline candidate attraction channels.
Analytics will let you make rational decisions instead of guessing.
Now you'll know for sure the cost effectiveness knowing the price for each channel and having the numbers in front of you.

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